Saving Teeth For Stem Cells

Wisdom Teeth
Stem Cell Storage

Do Wisdom Teeth Have Stem Cells?

Yes – the stem cells reside in the pulp of teeth. Wisdom teeth, with their large pulpal chambers, contain significant quantities of stem cells.

Storing wisdom teeth stem cells, which can be recovered when wisdom teeth are extracted, is safe, convenient and affordable.

Properties of Wisdom Teeth Stem Cells

Dental stem cells from wisdom teeth belong to the mesenchymal [MSCs] family of stem cells.

Wisdom teeth stem cells are highly plastic hence, they can be differentiated into a multitude of tissue types such as bone, skin, cardiomyocytes, muscle, neurons, pancreatic beta cells, liver and cartilage amongst them. MSC's also possess anti-inflammatory properties and secrete growth factors to facilitate tissue repair. These properties, along with their immune modulation characteristics, make them an ideal source of stem cells for emerging regenerative therapies to increase healthspans and treat a broad range of afflictions and genetic disorders.

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