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Stem Cell FAQ
If I do not have neurological damage or some other stem cell therapy-associated disease, why should
Families and individuals are choosing to bank their stem cells as biological insurance hence, even if an individual does not currently suffer from a stem cell treatable ailment, it makes sense to bank your stem cells today...
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Why Bank Your Family's Stem Cells?

  1. Stem Cells are the body's natural repair and maintenance mechanism and the basis of the transformative field of Regenerative Medicine which utilizes the unique properties of stem cells to treat a broad range of disease, trauma and injury *. The best stem cells to use in these emerging therapies will be your own.

  2. Younger stem cells are better. They are more active and more plentiful. As we age, stem cells diminish in number, become less active and are subject to degradation.

  3. Expanding HealthSpans - today's children and young adults can reasonably expect to live to 100+ years. Stem cells will play an important roll in maintaining their health during these expanded lifespans - what we call healthspans.

Wisdom of Banking Stem Cells StemSave Info and Video Center

*Globally, there are over 100 approved stem cell treatments and over 6000 clinical studies

Stem Cell Basics

StemSave� Basics

Right now, medical researchers across the globe are racing to harness the natural power of stem cells to heal and regenerate damaged cells and tissues.

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