Stem Cell Overview
Give a Gift

Gift stem cell banking to your loved ones. The unique gift of banking stem cells from their teeth will be just as valuable years from now as it is today.

Give a Gift

You can also gift the StemSave service to loved ones. Whether you are a Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle or just a great friend, you have the opportunity to provide this unique gift which will be just as valuable years from now as it is today.

How it works

Simply enroll as an individual that would like to Give a Gift. Indicate whom the gift is for, aand will send the individual or the person you designate as the Gift account holder a Gift Certificate.

The Gift account holder will simply enroll as a StemSave Family member and we apply your Gift Certificate to the purchase of the StemSave Service.

You have two Gift Certificates below to choose from and the option to Give a Gift every year when you Select the Renewable Annual Service Fee.*

Dental Pulp Stem Cells Give a Gift Program

Gift Plan for Stem Cell Banking

Annual Storage Gift Certificate

  • Total Value $ 750.00
  • Enrollment and processing Fee $ 630.00
  • Annual Service Fee (1st year) $ 120.00
  • (optional) Renewable Annual Service Fee $ 120.00**
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20 - Year Storage Gift Certificate
$ 2430.00/20 Year

  • Total Value $ 2430.00
  • Enrollment and processing Fee $ 630.00
  • 20 years of service and storage
    (25% discount a $600 savings) $ 1800.00
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**Every year a Gift Certificate will be sent in your name to the Gift Account holder and directly applied to the Annual Service Fee. This will be renewed automatically on an annual basis and can be cancelled at any time. The Gift Account Holder is responsible for maintaining and keeping the account current.

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