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Banking Stem Cells From Teeth Made Easy

securing your dental stem cells made easy

simple 2-step process makes it easy to bank your family’s valuable stem cells from teeth.

Banking Stem Cells From Teeth Made Easy

StemSave’s simple 2-step process makes it easy to bank your family’s valuable stem cells from teeth.

When your child's baby tooth becomes loose, or when a dental professional recommends an extraction for you or a family member, this is your chance to secure the stem cells with StemSave. Healthy, extracted wisdom teeth, permanent teeth, and baby teeth, are all great candidates for stem cell recovery. 


Enroll in StemSave. Your personalized StemSave recovery and transport kit will be sent directly to your Dentist. If your Dentist is not already a StemSave Dental Professional, we will contact them directly and instruct them on our stem cell recovery protocols. Contact us to see if your Dentist is a StemSave provider.


Make an appointment with your Dentist for the planned procedure and the convenient recovery of your stem cells.

StemSave makes securing your stem cells easy

The loose baby tooth, extracted permanent tooth or wisdom teeth are recovered by your dentist at the time of the planned dental procedure.

  • StemSave's patented recovery and transport system protects and nourishes the stem cells while the tooth is rushed to our laboratory.
  • StemSave's laboratory removes the cells from inside the teeth and assesses whether the cells are viable prior to cryopreservation. Cells that are not viable will not be stored.
  • The cells are cryogenically-preserved using state-of-the-art technology and securely stored and monitored until needed.
Viability Reporting

Our lab will notify you and your Dentist when your stem cells are securely cryopreserved.You will be provided a Viability Report and contact information to keep with your family's medical records for future use.

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