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Member FAQ
How much does it cost to participate with StemSave?
You will be charged an initial Enrollment and Processing Fee of $630...
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Family Plan

Stem Cells are unique to each individual member in your family.

StemSave has developed a very simple family plan that allows you to save each family member’s distinctive and valuable stem cells at a reduced family rate.  In addition to being the most convenient service to preserve stem cells we also wanted to be the most affordable for you and your family.

After the first member of your family is enrolled, each additional family member will benefit through the StemSave family plan.  Both the initial processing fee and the cryopreservation storage fee will be discounted.  When it comes time to renew the annual storage fee, all family members will benefit from this plan.


Family Member #1
Initial Fee $ 630.00 
Annual Service fee $ 120.00 
First Year Total $ 750.00 
Renewable Annual Service Fee  $ 120.00*
Family Member #2
Initial Fee (10% discount) $ 567.00 
Annual Service Fee(10% discount) $ 108.00 
First Year Total $ 675.00 
Renewable Annual Service Fee $ 108.00*

Enroll now

*On the next renewal period (10% discount applied on the annual service fee for all family members)

Payment Plans

StemSave allows you to select a convenient monthly payment plan during check out. 

3, 6 and 12 month extended payment plans available.

Give A Gift
You can also gift the StemSave service to loved ones. Whether you are a Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle or just a great friend, you have the opportunity to provide this unique gift which will be just as valuable years from now as it is today.

Pricing and Storage

StemSave has made payment convenient. We have broken down our service to include just two fees: The initial enrollment and processing fee and the annual Service fee.


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