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Adult Stem Cell Overview Continued....

Recently, investigators have discovered a unique type of mesenchymal stem cell in the dental pulp of deciduous and permanent teeth.  Scientists have observed that these stem cells act differently than other adult stem cells.  These dentally-derived mesenchymal stem cells are capable of extensive proliferation and differentiation, which makes them an important resource of stem cells for  regeneration and repair of a multitude of diseased and injured organs and tissues. Given their ability to produce and secrete neurotrophic factors, these stem cells may also be beneficial for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and the repair of motoneurons following injury.

Research on dental mesenchymal stem cells is expanding at an unprecedented rate.  Over 1,000 research studies from institutions around the world have been published since the year 2000 that make reference to dental stem cells.  In the year 2007 alone, over 1000 research articles were published on Dental Stem Cells.  Additionally, over 60 clinical investigations with animals and human volunteers have been published seeking to identify potential new medical treatments from adult stem cells.

Stem cell-based therapies are being investigated for the treatment of many conditions including: neurodegenerative conditions, liver disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and for nerve regeneration following brain or spinal cord injury.

As these clinical studies continue to advance in the years ahead, it is widely expected that to avoid autoimmune rejection from donor tissues and to maximize therapeutic efficacy, stem cells will be used to generate a specific treatment for a specific patient. The emerging field of "Personalized Medicine" is a popular topic in the media, which generally refers to new medical technologies derived from a patient’s own stem cells and the use of genomic diagnostics.

While we can see the promise of human stem cell therapies for the future, Dentists know that it is important to act now to harvest and store cells from deciduous teeth and third molars while the opportunities are available to child and adolescent patients.


Adult Stem
Cell Overview

Stem Save Adult Overview

Since 2000, Over 1000 research studies have been published investigating the properties of and new treatments from dental stem cells.
Stem Save Adult Professional
Stem cells in culture
Stem cells in deciduous teeth begin at the sixth week of the embryo stage of human development, and they proliferate at a higher rate than other adult stem cells

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