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Los Angeles Oral Surgeon and Patient on NBC News feature on StemSaving
StemSave provider Dr. Jay Reznick and patient//family are featured on KNBC-TV discussing saving the stem cells from teeth.
Doctors Recommend StemSave
Doctors recommend StemSave for those parents who missed the opportunity to save their children's cord blood.
Fox News: Dr Julie Lesnick, Colorado Oral Surgeon, and patient on saving stem cells from teeth
StemSave provider Dr. Julie Lesnick, on helping patients easily save the valuable stem cells from their their teeth.
CBS - Florida Oral Surgeon enables patient to save Stem Cells
StemSave Provider Dr. Andrew Slavin and his patient with Cerebral Palsy featured on CBS News in West Palm Beach, FL.
WXIA-TV-Atlanta, GA: Oral Surgeon - Patient w/Fragile X saving stem cells
Dr. Abtin Shahriari and the Heyman Family saving stem cells for use in research on Fragile X at Emory University.
ABC - Reports On Stem Cells in Baby Teeth
Pediatric Dentist Dr. Gerardo Santiago of Naples,Florida discusses banking the valuable stem cells found in baby teeth
Dr. George Huang and team discuss and demonstrate powerful dental stem cell research.
Dr. George Huang  - GSDM/Boston University on dental stem cells. Video: Robin Berghaus Photo: Cydney Scott
Dr. Jeremy Mao: Dental Stem Cells, plasticity and potential treatment/cure for Type 1 Diabetes.
Dr. Jeremy Mao, Chief Science Advisor, StemSave: Dental Stem Cells, plasticity and potential treatment/cure for T-1 Diabetes.
Univision reporta que se puede guardar células madre en dientes.
El Dr. Eduardo Nicolaievsky y su paciente en Miami utilizan StemSave para guardar células madre de muelas del juicio.
WGCL-TV (CBS) Atlanta, GA reports on Dental Stem Cells in Baby and Wisdom Teeth
Dr. Seth Gibree helps an Atlanta mother recover and save her diabetic daughter's stem cells.
WZBN-TV, Trenton, NJ Reports on Stem Cell Banking via Dental Practice
Dr. Sean Bradley and his patient are featured saving the stem cells contained in her extracted wisdom teeth.
New Jersey Public Television (NJN) Reports on Stem Cells in Teeth
Dr. Jonathon Sasportas is featured by NJN News as he saves a wisdom tooth patient's stem cells.
WSVN, (FOX) Miami FL on saving stem cells in wisdom teeth.
Oral Surgeon and StemSave Provider Dr. Jeffrey Blum in Miami, FL helps a patient save her Stem Cells.
KTRV-TV (FOX) Treasure Valley, Idaho reports on saving Dental Stem Cells
Dr. Lon McRae on saving his own son's stem cells during a wisdom tooth extraction with StemSave.
WGAL in Lancaster County PA reports on Stem Cells from Teeth
Dr. John Vakkas of Sudbrink Oral Surgery Associates discusses stem cells from wisdom teeth
WPTY (ABC) in Memphis reports on banking stem cells in teeth
Dr. Gruen utilizes StemSave to enable family with rare genetic disorder to bank their stem cells.
WPVI in Philadelphia reports on teeth stem cell banking
Dr. Gomez utilizes StemSave for older sibling providing peace-of-mind for parents who saved cord blood of younger sibling
WGN of Chicago reports on banking teeth stem cells for adopted child
Dr. Joanne Oppenheim of Chicago utilizes StemSave to bank stem cells for parent Julie Balfour's adopted daughter.
WFAA in Dallas reports on stem cell banking
Oral Surgeon Dr. Max Finn discusses stem cell banking of adult stem cells recovered from wisdom teeth
Stem Cells found in teeth
Dr Carpenter discusses the benefits of accessible stem cells found in teeth.
WTOC Mid-morning LIVE Atlanta
Art Greco and Dr. Lloyd Darby of Darby Dental Services discuss the StemSave Recovery and Cryopreservation Service.
StemSave to treat genetic disorders
Doctor in Colorado utilizes StemSave to preserve stem cells in wisdom teeth to combat a rare genetic cardiac disorder.
CBS News: Memphis Oral Surgeon Dr. Gordon Gruen on Regenerative Medicine
StemSave Provider Dr. Gruen with the News team/Live at 9 on WREG-TV Memphis, about Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine.
AM Arizona
Dr Gregory Chotkowski discusses adult stem cells, regenerative therapies and StemSave's recovery and cryopreservation service
A trip to the dentist can save lives
A patient having her wisdom teeth removed preserves her stem cells
StemSave Video News Release
Clinicians, Researchers, Parents and Children
GMS Houston Texas
StemSave Recovery at GMS
Fox News: stem cell study demonstrates young stem cells inhibit aging
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study suggests banking stem cells when they are young for regenerative therapies.
KDVR-TV (FOX) Denver: Colorado Dentist aids patients in Saving Stem Cells
StemSave Provider Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS and his patient with Bardet-Biedl syndrome featured on  FOX News.
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