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The Easy Ship feature is a StemSave™ integrated service that automatically arranges for pick-up of the StemSave Kit from your Practice and shipment to our cryopreservation facility. StemSave will make every effort to have a UPS driver at your Practice to pick up the kit within a few hours of your clicking the Easy Ship button. Because of this, it is important that the kit be loaded and ready for pick-up when you click on the button. If, for any reason, UPS is unable to send a driver for expeditious pickup of the kit, we will either direct you to the nearest UPS dropoff location or schedule the pickup for the first thing the following morning.
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In order for us to arrange for the pick-up and shipment of the StemSave Kit, we ask that you sign into your account and then answer a few simple questions about your Practice's hours of operation. The information you provide to us will guarantee that the StemSave Kit arrives at the cryopreservation facility within the crucial timeframe (48 hours from the time of recovery). Lastly, a UPS shipping label with instructions will be generated. Simply print out the label, fold it as directed within the instructions, and insert it into the clear plastic pouch on the back of the StemSave Kit.

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