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Professional FAQ
  Can someone donate dental stem cells for research purposes?
  StemSave is currently for autologous “self” stem cell storage only...
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American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
AAOMS Services Inc.

With StemSave you are now uniquely positioned at the forefront of the emerging fields of stem cell science and regenerative and personalized medicine. Offer your patients stem cell banking today and provide them with the opportunity to secure their future health by offering StemSave to recover and bank the powerful and unique stem cells found in their teeth. StemSave is designed to provide a non-invasive, convenient and affordable service that seamlessly integrates into your practice. As a StemSave Provider, you will be joining the industry's leading stem cell banking service and the only service to be designated as an ASI Approved Program. Enroll as a StemSave Provider today and experience The StemSave Advantage.

The StemSave Advantage:

Industry Leader - ASI Approved Program
Seamless Practice Integration - Fully-Automated, Paperless
Devoted To Your Patients And Our Planet
FDA Registered Laboratory and Cryopreservation Facility
Practice Enhancement Tools
Professional Discount on Stem Cell Banking
The Largest and Fastest Growing Stem Cell Banking Network



StemSave is the only ASI Approved Stem Cell Banking Service.

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
AAOMS Services Inc.

AAOMS - American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

We have a profound understanding of stem cells. Our Scientific Advisory Council is made up of world renowned stem cell researchers, doctors and dentists and is unrivaled in the industry.


StemSave was carefully designed to be easy and convenient for both you and your patients. Recovery of the stem cells occurs during routine dental procedures and takes less than a minute. We administer the service directly with the patient so there is no paperwork or payments for your practice to manage. Our patented Transport Kit protects and nourishes the valuable stem cells residing in teeth and is ready to use off-the-shelf. There is no pre-prep to worry about, no gel packs to put in the freezer. Our exclusive EZ Ship program automatically alerts UPS when a transport kit is ready to be picked up and sent to our banking facility. No forms to fill out, no phone calls to make, saving you and your staff time and effort. And, your practice's complete StemSave activity is always accessible for review in your account on our website


Stem cells are poised to revolutionize medicine in the 21st century in much the same way anesthesia revolutionized medicine in the 20th century. Stem cell based regenerative therapies will lead to longer and healthier lives. At StemSave, we give a lot of thought to the world your clients and their children are likely to inherit as their life expectancy expands.

That's why StemSave designed its transport kit with 100% recyclable materials. Our technology eliminates the need for the frozen gel packs or chemically laden 'insta-cold' packs in use by other services. These packs mean extra steps and work and inevitably end up in landfills; leeching into the ground and water table. At StemSave, we brought together some of the finest minds in the fields of biology, cryopreservation, transportation and temperature control shipping to design our patented stem cell transport kit.

And it doesn't end there. StemSave's office is powered using renewable energy and our service is the only true online service. Our investment in our industry leading technology platform eliminates the need for paper forms - saving trees and the environment.


StemSave's FDA registered and accredited full service laboratory and cryopreservation facility has been in business for over 25 years and is one of the largest in the world. Once the stem cells arrive at our laboratory, our highly trained technicians immediately assess them for viability using our state-of-the-art protocols and technology. Viable cells are then safely stored in liquid nitrogen vapor cryopreservation tanks and are protected by an unparalleled 24/7 security system. Once your patient's stem cells are in storage, you will receive a Viability Report. Your practice's complete StemSave activity is always accessible for review in your account on our website

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We provide you with all the resources your practice needs to introduce the StemSave service to your patients and referring doctors:

Practice Listing On Our Dentist Locator
Patient Education Brochures And Posters For Your Waiting And Treatment Areas
Customizable Marketing Materials
StemSave logo/link and info video for your website
Alignment With Stemsave's Industry Leading Brand

Enhance your web presence via StemSave's dedicated internet social media marketing programs on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Search Engines, Blogs, and other dedicated online communities.

Automated Self-Replenishing Kit Inventory

Your practice will always be prepared to offer stem cell banking to your patients

Incremental Revenue For Your Practice:

StemSave reimburses your practice an administration fee of $100 for each viable specimen sent from your practice to our state-of-the-art banking facility on behalf of your patients


As a StemSave Provider, you, your family, your staff and their families are eligible for our professional courtesy stem cell banking rate.

Become part of the largest and fastest growing stem cell banking network today and join dentists and patients across the country who are Saving Cells for LifeTM

A one-time membership fee of $90 will be applied. For assistance with the enrollment process, we're here to help at
1-877-STEMSAVE (1-877-783-6728).



Patented Transport Kit

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Practice Marketing

 Wall Poster and Brochures
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