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Member FAQ
How can I be assured that my or my family’s stem cells will be available in the future?
Our laboratory facilities are one of the largest full-service cryogenic labs in the world, serving both domestic and international clients since 1982...
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Member Enrollment
Enrolling as a StemSave Member will allow you to act on the opportunity to protect your future health today. You have several opportunities to save your stem cells throughout your life. The younger and healthier you are, the greater potential for these stem cells.
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Please Read!
When planning for the recovery of a family member's  Stem Cells please note the following:
You will be asked for a date of procedure during the enrollment process. If you are not sure, simply select "UNKNOWN" and we'll contact you to coordinate the delivery of your StemSave recovery and transport kit to your dentist's office.

Please call us at 877-STEMSAVE or email for any questions that you may have on the enrollment process.  We are here to help you with anything along the way to ensure a smooth experience.
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