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I banked my children's cord blood, should I bank their dental stem cells?
Cord blood stem cells and dental stem cells differ in a number of important ways...
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Why StemSave?

Choosing to bank your stem cells is an important decision for your family’s future health.   Our mission is to make the benefits of regenerative medicine and stem cell science accessible, convenient and affordable for you and your family.  StemSave’s patented technology, fully accredited lab facilities, stem cell processing expertise and world class Scientific Advisory Council are why more families and dentists choose to bank their stem cells with StemSave.  As the industry leader, StemSave is the only stem cell banking service to be designated as an ASI Approved Program.

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
AAOMS Services Inc.

AAOMS - American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

The StemSave Advantage:

Industry Leader - ASI Approved Program
Fully Accredited and FDA Registered Laboratory and Cryopreservation Facility
Pure Stem Cell Storage
Straight Forward Pricing
Devoted to Our Patients and Our Planet
Peace of Mind: Your Family Dentist and Our Patented Technology
Risk Free - Money Back Guarantee
Online Enrollment and Account Management
2 Easy Steps




StemSave is the only ASI Approved Stem Cell Banking Service.

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
AAOMS Services Inc.

AAOMS - American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

We have a profound understanding of stem cells. Our Scientific Advisory Council is made up of world renowned stem cell researchers, doctors and dentists and is unrivaled in the industry.


StemSave's fully accredited and FDA registered service laboratory and cryopreservation facility has been in business for over 25 years and is one of the largest in the world. Accreditation by independent third party industry organizations is your assurance that your family's stem cells are being processed and stored in a facility that meets the highest standards in the industry. While all lab facilities meet the minimum standards set by the FDA, not all labs meet the stringent requirements to achieve accreditation. Always make sure your stem cells are processed and stored in an accredited facility.

Once your stem cells arrive at our laboratory, our highly trained technicians immediately assess them for viability using state-of-the-art technology. Your viable cells are then safely stored in liquid nitrogen vapor cryopreservation tanks and are protected by an unparalleled 24/7 security system. Once your stem cells are in storage, you will receive a Viability Report. Your Viability Report is always accessible in your account on our website

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StemSave offers pure stem cell storage. We adhere to FDA HCT/P Minimal Manipulation guidelines for the recovery and cryopreservation of stem cells. Doing so assures all the stem cells will be available for future use. We do not offer culturing services as doing so today renders the cultured cells unusable in the future.

Should the need for your stem cells arise, the culturing and differentiation requirements will be very specific to the treatment being administered therefore, stem cells should not be cultured until their application has been determined. Culturing the stem cells today makes them incompatible with future culturing and differentiation techniques - when your family will actually need their stem cells. Maintaining the stem cells in their purest state is in your best interest and is supported by both FDA regulation and the latest medical research.

StemSave's proprietary processing protocols were determined to be the optimal methodology for the recovery and cryopreservation of dental stem cells by a US Government (NIH) funded study conducted by an independent, third party laboratory. We maintain your stem cells in their natural state so they are as pristine as the day they were cryopreserved. Should you ever need them in the future for regenerative therapies, they will be suitable for the latest medical technologies available.


At StemSave, we strive to make banking stem cells affordable to as many families as possible. We offer straight forward, easy to understand pricing with payment options so your family can choose the plan that best fits its needs. No marketing gimmicks, no 'dual processing' options, no deep discounting - we won't sacrifice our quality, integrity and high standards (learn more). We offer fair and honest pricing and the same top quality service to all of our clients.


Stem cells are poised to revolutionize medicine in the 21st century in much the same way anesthesia revolutionized medicine in the 20th century. Stem cell based regenerative therapies will lead to longer and healthier lives. At StemSave, we give a lot of thought to the world our children are likely to inherit as their life expectancy expands.

That's why StemSave designed its transport kit with 100% recyclable materials. Our technology eliminates the need for the frozen gel packs or chemically laden 'insta-cold' packs in use by other services. These packs inevitably end up in landfills and leech harmful chemicals into the ground and water table [they may well still be leeching chemicals into the ground when our children turn 100!]. At StemSave, we brought together some of the finest minds in the fields of biology, cryopreservation, transportation and temperature control shipping to design our patented stem cell transport kit.

And it doesn't end there. StemSave's office is powered using renewable energy and our service is the only true online service - eliminating the need for paper forms. Our investment in our industry leading technology platform not only saves trees, it is more secure. Systems requiring paper forms are inherently less secure, increase the potential for error and enable third party access to your information.

At StemSave, your investment in your family's future health is matched by StemSave's investment in their future.


Ensuring that your viable stem cells are recovered and are available for future regenerative therapies is of utmost importance to us. We work closely with your dentist to recover your stem cells during routine dental procedures. Immediately following the procedure, your teeth are placed into our patented recovery and transport kit which is designed to nourish and maintain the health of the living tissue within your teeth while they are rush shipped to our state-of-the-art, accredited laboratory.


Working closely with your dentist is why we can offer a full money back guarantee. Recovering your teeth during a planned procedure means your teeth still have an intact blood supply to your stem cells thus assuring high cell viability. In the event your cells are not viable, we offer two options: we enable you to recover your stem cells at another time at no additional cost or you may receive a full refund.


Enrollment on our website is simple and secure. Our online account management system allows you to conveniently update your personal account information, enroll additional family members at reduced rates and access your Viability Reports.

Our industry leading technology platform keeps your data safe with double redundancy, encryption and unmatched security. Systems requiring paper forms are inherently less secure, increase the potential for error and enable third party access to your information.

And as one of the pillars of our efforts to contribute to a better future for our clients, our paperless system saves trees and the environment.


STEP 1 : Enroll in the StemSave Service online: Upon enrollment, a StemSave transport kit will be personalized with your name and Unique Identification Number [UIN] and sent directly to your dentist. StemSave's electronic platform and UIN assignment enables us to maintain the chain of custody of your stem cells from the moment you enroll until your stem cells are placed into cryopreservation storage.

STEP 2 : Make an appointment with your dentist for the planned procedure and the convenient recovery of your stem cells. If your dentist is not a StemSave Provider yet, we will contact him or her directly to assist in the recovery of your stem cells. (Contact us to see if your dentist is a StemSave provider.) StemSave takes care of the rest by arranging for the pickup of your stem cells at your dentist's office and rush shipping them to our FDA registered and accredited laboratory for processing.


If you have questions or need enrollment assistance, our dedicated service specialists are here to help you at
1-877-StemSave (1-877-783-6728)

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StemSave System

Anytime before you or a family member expects to lose a baby tooth or have a tooth extracted by your dentist, simply enroll as a StemSave member either online or by phone.

2 Easy Steps

Your Dentist  - Make an appointment with your dentist for the planned procedure. Our Dental Professional partners ensure superior quality control for the extraction and transfer of your cells. 


Recovery of the toothAfter the Dentist confirms the presence of healthy tissue, the tooth is transferred into the patented StemSave kit. 

Recovery Process

Viability & Storage- Our lab assesses the viability of the cells and cryogenically stores them. You'll promptly receive a viability certificate, and your online StemSave account will be updated.


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